Signs of Life

by Husband on September 29, 2009

Hey there. It’s been a few weeks, I know. The thing is, this blog was supposed to be a look back at our 18 years of living this way to impart wisdom to the uninitiated. But the joke’s on us.
Regular readers, whoever you are, know from earlier posts that I, Hubby, have a new-ish relationship that has thrown the open marriage out of balance, starting from about two weeks after we launched this blog at the start of the summer. The backstory is in earlier posts, so I won’t repeat myself.

Basically, since my last post about it almost a month ago, all three parties are trying to keep their shit together to make everything work, but it’s been a delicate time. We never signed up to air all our dirty laundry in public, even if anonymously, hence the limited blogging.

Wish us well, if you’d like, and bear with us, if you’re interested. I’m confident all will work out in the end. And when it does, I’ll share whatever secrets I observe for how we do so.

I’ll try to keep love alive with some more innocuous posts about what amuses me in life. Stay tuned.