Being Out about Being Open

by Husband on May 21, 2009

It’s funny, but the social acceptability of being in an “open relationship” still intimidates me. All of our personal friends know about our thing, but I definitely keep mum about it at work. I’ve worked at the same large company for almost five years, but I’ve confided in only a handful of colleagues — like 3-4 out of thousands. People are rarely scandalized, but it does seem like it has the potential to shake people’s reality on what “love” is supposed to mean. As comfortable as I am with our lifestyle, this blog is as close as I’ve come to wanting to advocate for open love.
This comes to mind because I just notice that a cute girl who’s captured my attention of late lists herself on Facebook as being in an open relationship. Wife listed us like that there for a few days a while back, and a couple of friends send me notes at the time “You know you’ve outted yourself on Facebook?!” I recommended to her we go back to regular “married” for our online identities.

Hence, also, the anonymity of this blog.

I remember back when Friendster was hip (briefly in, what, 2003?) and it seemed every cute young thing in Brooklyn listed themselves as in an open relationship, and I was amazed. After pinging a few, I realized they were all doing so as a joke because they thought the option was so ridiculous that it was ironic to do so.

I’m hoping my new Facebook buddy is living in a post-ironic age.